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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pieces of Me Tuesday


The first post of a new series and I'm already breaking my own rules! I was planning to keep the Pieces of Me series to one photograph per post and of objects. The series was inspired by the photo I posted of my eyeglasses. My hubby treated me to a new pair of shoes which I plan to photograph for the series; that sort of thing.

Well, my husband is certainly NOT an object, but he does have the whole father-of-my-children, key-to-my-heart, soul-mate thing going for him. Todd is the biggest piece of me so object or not, he counts!

This particular photo happens to be from the first Harley ride we did this summer to support our troops for the local Selfridge Air Base. You may have already seen it on my personal blog, but it happens to be one of my favorites. He's so dog gone sexy! Those happened to be my favorite jeans. He hated them; they "mysteriously" ripped in a totally unrepairable way! This is all I have left of his sexy jeans.

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