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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kelly & Krissi Preview

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Kelly and Krissi. The pair of them are sisters who are/were both expecting their firstborns at the same time. Everyone say awww! I say "were" because we finished up our session about 2:30 p.m. and Krissi went into labor that evening! Shew! The nursery at Grandma's is getting a special treat!

Here is a preview of my favorite shot from the session. This one is my favorite because this session was very different from anything I've ever done and still represents my typical style. A big thank you to Rick Minton who set up all the lighting and lent me his camera for the shoot. More to come soon...


p.s. I heart the remake of an old teenage favorite 90210 but I hate that I had a song selected for my engagement gallery and they aired it in the premier! Now what was a perfectly well hidden song will be played to death by every teenager on the planet! Darn TV!

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Erica said...

This is very different but it's cute.