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Thursday, July 17, 2008


I met with Paige's parent's last night and did their proof preview so I can finally share the rest of the shots from our session.

Paige is a beautiful toddler who will be turning 3 next month so this was her birthday session. Hopefully you saw yesterday's post of her custom made birthday invitation for her upcoming Princess Cinderella party.

Jeremy and Tracy, thank you so much for letting me photograph Paige. She was a perfect and precious angel for me. You two are in BIG trouble with this lil' cutie! I look forward to family photos and many future sessions!

10x20 storyboard

10x20 storyboard

sitting pretty

so dainty

what a cheese-head


just Paige

in thought

just Paige

she's up to something

And I had to get one of her with her "blanky"


Erica said...

I think these turned out great. She is so darling. I have a few questions:
Where did you take these pictures at? I love the background.
Where did you get these printed since they are bigger than normal pics?

Brooke said...

oh my word you need to fix your blog so these pop up with your newest post. I thnk you have it set to one post at a time!
love them! they rock!