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Thursday, May 8, 2008

nerves, nerves, nerves

Well it's official, I have my first solo gig. I've taken plenty of photos of my family and had the opportunity to shadow a wedding but this coming Tuesday I'll be all alone. My best friend Patty is getting married this summer and has asked me to do some engagement photos for her. I thought starting with friends and family would make the process easier but engagement photos or any photo session is really important so I'm super nervous.

I never would have gotten to this place without my husband. What started as a way to take ownership of my children's portraits has progressed so fast into starting a blog, building a portfolio, and developing a business and marketing plan.

After only one session with my twins, my husband dropped some major coin on a new digital SLR which I was super excited about. I wonder while I await its arrival how long it will take me to get out of auto mode. I ponder the fact that I've got tons of time to participate in some online challenges, work on my composition, exposure, etc. Before I know it, he comes home and tells me I've been invited to shadow a wedding! What! I've only been out of auto mode a couple of weeks and most of the time I freeze up and use the semi-auto modes or aperture at best. He was relentless and wouldn't let my fears get the best of me. In the days approaching the wedding I felt like I was going to vomit all day. I read as much as I could possibly find on exposure and shooting my first wedding. I was only settled by the idea that I'd be a tag-a-long and if I got some good shots, great. If not, I'd want to crawl under a rock and die of embarrassment but it would be no loss to the bride. I made some mistakes but I'm glad my husband kicked me in the butt and forced me out the door. It was a great opportunity and I learned so much.

Even more so, I'm grateful to have a wonderful husband who appreciates my dreams, takes a serious interest in them, and plays an active role in making them come to fruition.

Although I'm nervous, I know Patty and her fiance Erik well and that can only help contribute to getting the best possible engagement photos for them with a very personal touch. The excitement of my first "real" shoot is beginning to supersede my nerves!

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