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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Girl Scout Camp

4 moms
12 girls
20 pieces of luggage
16 sleeping bags
12 stuffed animals
3 boxes of mac n' cheese (made with oil & milk, not butter, we forgot some things at home)
1 huge salad
10 lbs. of fruit
3 dozen pieces of french toast
42 pieces of sausage
7 peanut butter & jelly sandwiches
16 sub sandwiches
1 bag of doritos
3 jars of spaghettie sauce
3 boxes of angel hair pasta
2 lbs. groud beef
16 pieces of "throw together & make do" garlic bread
2 very large bowls of popcorn
20 boxes of mini cereal
2 gallons of white milk
1 gallon of chocolate milk
3 gallons of lemonade
1 bottle of excederin!
20 bottles of water
20 bottles of sunny d
extra mom on her way up awesome enough to buy the things we forgot, snack time for mommies, umbrellas, and mid-afternoon quiet time; priceless.

Elise was very afriad of climing the rock wall.

My personal motto

The whole gang
My daughter Faith on the rock wall

Elise overcame her fears, conquered the wall, and liked it! That was priceless too...

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