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Monday, April 28, 2008

Polish Dance Recital

My husband is polish and spent fifteen years of his life in polish dance and we now have passed the tradition onto our children. This was Tyler's 9th recital, Faith's 6th, Karli's 5th, and Mallory and Hailey's 1st year. With all the make-up for stage, they all look a bit like Raggedy-Ann. My hubby Todd danced in recital with the other alumni this year so I was lucky to see all six of my stars share the stage!

Faith and Karli lined up for the dance from the region of Beskid.

My Mallory in full Krakowski costume.

My man!

Tyler and Mal in full Krakowski costume after recital.

Hailey in full Krakowski costume who finally agreed to stop crying and smile only after Grandpa gave her money! Suck a stinker! Both of them!

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Brooke said...

oh fun are these! great job